Thanks to my Readers

I’d like to thank everyone who read the post  “Fibromyalgia’s Invisible Face” and others on my blog yesterday and today.  And a special thank you to everyone who posted such amazing and supportive comments.  I was blown away by the response I got on this post yesterday.  You all made my blog the #1 growing blog on WordPress today, which is amazing.  That ought to make some people aware of what we go through dealing with fibromyalgia who have probably never heard of it, which is amazing.  I started the blog to help myself cope as I battle against my chronic pain and fibromyalgia.  I hoped writing about it would help me and maybe help a few others too.  You all made my wish come true yesterday.  You’re amazing comments demonstrated once and for all that we are not fighting this disease allow.  We are a large and strong group and together can be very supportive of each other.  I was pretty miserable yesterday from a fibro flare up, but you all turned just another normal painful day for me into something that was special and memorable.  I thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.  I plan to keep writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences with fibromyalgia on this blog.  I  hope you will keep coming back and read more.  Thank you all!  To borrow a phrase so many of you used that I had not heard of before yesterday — Love and Soft Hugs!!

#1 Growing Blog on WordPress

2 thoughts on “Thanks to my Readers

  1. staciegh says:

    Congratulations, that is awesome news!!!

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