OK Mother Nature…You Win!

I’m hoping everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend.  Mine was awful.  I’m really sensitive to storms, humidity, and weather changes, thanks to my fibromyalgia.  This weekend was thunderstorm after thunderstorm.  Humidity varied from 70% to 90%.  Translation…I was MISERABLE.  My tomatoes and other garden plants were thrilled.  I was not.  Saturday was the worst of the storms and I spent a lot of the day in drug induced unconsciousness.   It was just too painful to be awake.  I can feel the weather when it gets like this in my bones.  My head gets it even worse.  It’s not like sinus pressure when you’re having a bad allergy day or a sinus infection.  My head does not feel like it’s packed with cotton balls.  It feels like the entire universe is pressing down on my skull to try to make it pop.  It is not a pleasant feeling, at all.

I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains and sometimes storms pass us by, but when storms hit us, they stick around for a while.  It rained and stormed all day Saturday and off and on Sunday.  Sunday I was at least able to be conscious, although I didn’t get much done.  I spent much of the day on the couch laying on a heating pad with an ice pack on my forehead reading a book or playing a game on my Kindle Fire.  I took a long nap too.  Monday, the weather was calmer but the humidity was still awful.  My head was pounding and my entire body felt like it had taken a beating.  I was able to do a bit of puttering around the house and bake something (which I enjoy a lot), but I tired so easily.  I was supposed to go to the Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech football game last night.  And what a game it was; I’m sad I had to miss it.  The first overtime game in the history of Lane Stadium!  After the misery of Saturday and Sunday, I knew I wasn’t up to the football game.  My pounding head couldn’t handle the nearly 66,000 screaming fans in attendance at the game last night.  My body wasn’t up to sitting/standing/jumping around in the stands for several hours, let alone doing some tailgating before the game.  So my husband took his brother to the game and I missed out on another fun thing thanks to my fibromyalgia.

Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech game, 9/3/12

Storm Clouds above Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech game, 9/3/12  (photo taken by my husband)

You win, Mother Nature.  I throw in the towel.  I can’t handle three more days of this weather predicted in the this week’s forecast, let alone more of the same for much of next week.  I’m already exhausted and feel like I’ve been hit by multiple freight trains and I have more days of this ahead of me.  I truly do not understand how other fibromyalgia sufferers, like our friend over at Dancing in the Rain, made it through Hurricane Isaac.  That would’ve made my head explode.  I would’ve passed out from the pain, I think.  You are stronger than I am, Staciegh.

I am not looking forward to the coming weather.  It’s going to be a long week…


4 thoughts on “OK Mother Nature…You Win!

  1. staciegh says:

    Thank you, it was not easy. I was feeling really bad because with the barometric pressure changing. I didn’t feel very strong, you could get through it!!:)

    • painfighter says:

      I can’t even imagine. We’ve had one storm after another since Saturday that’s run off from Issac. Humidity is 95% today. My head feels like its going to implode. I’m not sleeping and the pain just keeps building. I just took more than my prescribed dose of my heavy duty, emergency only pain med. That’s something I never due. This weather is supposed to continue next week too. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this and keep working. Its taken me 4 or 5 times as much time to do simple tasks at work this week. I can’t think through the pain and exhaustion.

      • staciegh says:

        I know, it is very discouraging. I’ve had a really tough week this past week. I get so mad when at 10:30 am I start to get tired, then the burning starts and then I start to feel bad, really bad. I am a teacher and I can’t have this happen. I know I’m not supposed to say or think this but I always say, why me? I just want to feel normal, is that to much to ask? UGH!! I’m right there with you! 😦

  2. ddLynn says:

    How ironic that I find you, a fellow Hokie, as I troll the internet (during a thunderstorm) for confirmation that my excruciating pain was there for the reason I already expected. I pressed through the Labor Day weekend as well, however, I’m wondering if I may be a bit further north than you as we didn’t get as many pass our way. The pain was as close to proximity of going over the edge as the thunderstorms were. I read through many of your posts last night, but since I was reading via my phone I didn’t comment. You’ll likely see a comment or two from me on other posts today. 🙂 I’m bummed for you that you weren’t able to see the game first hand. It was a wild ending, wasn’t it?!!! But I understand not only do we have to pick our battles sometimes, but we have to chose which moments are most important when we know the repercussions to follow. I hope today’s weather is better for us all…and Go Hokies!!!

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