A Human Barometer, Part 2

Thunderstorm, Storm

The storms have finally passed (for the moment) and the humidity is down today, so I’ve finally gotten a break from Mother Nature’s assualt on me.  I have never had such a strong and painful reaction to storms before.  Wednesday night a big thunderstorm moved in quickly and the pressure changed quickly.  My pain spiked fast and hard.  I was crying because the pain was so bad.  That is the worst my pain has been in a long time.  I went to my next door neighbor, who is alsomy doctor, and asked him what I should do.  I’m out of his comfort zone in prescribing pain medicines, and he told me he wouldn’t prescribe me anything higher than what I already take.  He suggested I take 50% more Dilaudid and a Klonopin and see if that provided me some relief.  Increasing my Dilaudid dose took me to 6mg of it and it did provide pain relief.  4mg of it had done nothing.  The cycle of pain made things worse and worse all week for me and none of my usual methods/tricks to bring the pain down and break the cycle worked.  I needed chemical help.  Thankfully, taking more Dilaudid did provide me with pain relief and I actually slept that night.  My sleep has been getting worse for weeks now and I’m feeling the effects of it.

I think this round of storms effected me so much because it was one storm after another.  Usually I’m miserable before and during a storm, but after it rains it’s like a release of pressure on my head and body and I feel better.  Not this time.  The storms came too close together.  The humidity remained in the 90% range.  The days were bad because the pressure changed so much and often.  Humidity rangined from 40% to 95% in one day.  There was no release of pressure after it rained this time.  Sometimes, we’d get thunder and the change in pressure but no rain.  That many changes in the weather was enough to make  my head feel like it was going to implode.  It felt like the universe was pushing on my skull, trying to shrink it.  Like my skull bones were grinding together from the force of it.  I’ve never experienced this feeling to this degree.  It even hurt to move my eyes.

Headache, Migraine pain

Yesterday was somewhat better.  Only one storm came through.  My rheumatologist was able to work me in.  I told him how miserable I’d been this week and that my sleep was deteriorating.  He asked me what I could have done to lessen the pain this week.   I was shocked by that one.  There was nothing I could have done.  I used all my weapons in my arsenal to try to lessen the pain and they all failed.  He said treating fibromyalgia is all about preventative measures, not reacting to the symptoms.  What can we do to keep this from happening again and prevent spikes in my pain, he asked.  We went over all the preventative measures I can do — exercise, yoga, meditation, etc., etc. — then we reviewed my medications.  He gave me a prescription for more muscle relaxers so I have enough that I can take one before a nap, which seems to help lessen the pain.  He also put me on Lyrica.  That will hopefully help manage the pain better and help me sleep.  I took my first dose last night and I slept better than I have in weeks.  I hope that continues.  Today, I’m feeling light headed and am deep into fibro fog at this poing.  I have to concentrate to walk in a straight line.  Typing this post is taking a lot of concentration and I keep hitting the wrong keys and have to fix it.  I know Lyrica has to build up in my system before it will start helping.  It has some potentional nasty side effects.  I hope I don’t get those.  Although making me sleepy is a great side effect as far as I’m concerned!  We’ll see how this new medicine works.  Hopefully it will help, as more storms are coming tomorrow and maybe next week too.

One thought on “A Human Barometer, Part 2

  1. Lyrica is fab there are 2 strengths at times I live on 2 of the strongest a day others I get off them so glad I found it as I have drug allergies & so can’t take much. Hope you find it helps you heaps too cause without zzz pain level do go up 🙂

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