Chronic Pain and Changing your Life Plan

This is so very true.  I’m struggling a lot with this too.  It’s something my husband and I are working on together.  The plan we had for our lives did not include me developing fibromyalgia and all the ramifications that brings.  Things have to change and we don’t exactly know what that means for the future.  We’re working on it.  I’ve had to make a lot of changes to myself, my thoughts, and my habits.  I’ve had to drop down to only working 30 hours a week at my job instead of working a full 40 hours.  Lots of things are changing right now and it takes some getting used to for me, my husband, my family and my friends.  I’m not the same person I was before fibromyalgia.  Chronic pain has changed me.  I think some of the ways I’ve had to change are for the better.  I appreciate the little things now more than I ever did before.  Other changes have been by necessity and take some getting used to.

I’ll figure out my new life plan.  My husband and I will figure out our new future together, I hope.  I’ll get there.  It’s a long but necessary journey.



5 thoughts on “Chronic Pain and Changing your Life Plan

  1. ann says:

    Love this quotation

  2. Journaling Pain says:

    I struggle with this too.

  3. Reblogged this on talktomyselfagain and commented:
    My changes had to begin when I couldn’t handle all the things in life I worked hard for, they are gone, that dream has past, finding new dreams and planning for change is extremely difficult when you are in a fog. The old saying about not making any decisions when things are bad does not apply any longer. Decisions must be made, hard ones that will alter my path. Unsure of the future and where I will be, who I will be with (or by myself). I must just throw it to the fates and hope they allow me to find the right place, find peace, and just begin to live again at the same time accepting what is my life and let the past go. Not dwelling, not being angry, not crying all the damn time, while at the same time being strong and not allowing anyone to control or take advantage of me. My old self would have saw the dream and went for it. The new me is timid and weak. I am my only advocate, I am my only support, I am my only real friend. I used to know me, I am learning about my new self and trying very hard to find the positive in me so I can move forward…wherever that may be.

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