Yesterday was a Good Day

I was blessed yesterday with one of my good days.  And this one turned out to be really good as my husband and I had a wonderful, fun night together.  We went out and had a nice dinner and then played putt-putt golf.  He beat me by 10 strokes but I didn’t care.  It was great just to be out of the house doing something fun.  The weather was perfect.  It was in the 60s and felt like fall.  There was a wonderfully cool breeze.  After so much heat and humidity and lots of storms that have caused me lots of pain, yesterday was a wonderful respite.  My pain in the morning was at 2 or a 3 which was amazing.  A good day for me is when the pain is at a 5, so I guess I should say that yesterday was a GREAT day.  The pain increased around 2pm like it always days, but the afternoon and evening were nowhere near as bad as they usually are.  After putt-putt I had energy for us to play games inside.  I beat my husband at air hockey, he kicked my butt at a car racing game.  I felt like we were teenagers playing these arcade games but it was so much fun.  I’m so happy to have had such a refreshing day yesterday.  Chronic pain is such a drain on my, my life, and my husband.  He gets tired of seeing me in pain yesterday and knowing he can’t really help me.  That this is my battle alone.  He’s a great support but he can’t fix me like he wishes he could.  I think yesterday was good for both of us.

Today was not as good.  The pain was still better than average, but worse than yesterday.  I’m very hopeful though that the Lyrica I started on just over a week ago is really starting to help.

My dog was acting really puny last night.  He can jump 4 feet straight up, but last night he couldn’t walk up the steps or jump in the bed with us like he always does.  He yelped when we picked him up.  He was worse this morning, so we had to take him to the vet.  He’s pinched something in his back and is sore all over.  He’s now on pain meds and muscle relaxers just like me.  For the next two weeks, we’ll match and both rest together.  He’s on cage/bed rest to help him heal.  Only my dog is claustrophobic and hates being in a cage.  Always has.  He’s a very energetic dog by nature.  The next couple of weeks should be interesting.  I hope I can keep him calm enough so he’ll heal well.  I hate seeing him in pain.  He’s my therapy dog and a source of support, love and laughter.  I hate that he’s hurting but at least I can support and help him through this like he always helps me.

My dog, Archie

3 thoughts on “Yesterday was a Good Day

  1. Journaling Pain says:

    Archie looks like a sweetheart. I’m sorry he is suffering as we are. So glad to hear you had some good time with your husband. I know exactly how you feel. We have to grab those precious moments when they come and make the best of them. During those hard times when we’re wondering if we’ll ever feel good again we can pull up those memories of the good days to help remind us that there are times when we are almost pain free and we can look forward to that happening again.

    • painfighter says:

      I agree completely. I feel recharged from the great day I had Friday. I’ve been thinking about it a lot yesterday and today. More storms have come my way so I’m not feeling too good. I’ve been thinking back to Friday and smiling. Somehow these special memories make the pain more bearable I think.

  2. hi! my dog had the same injury a couple of years ago – awful. maybe you could lie on the floor (with cushions and blankets and pillows of course) right next to his crate?

    i want to tell you about this amazing thing i figured out. 20 years ago i got breast implants, uh, don’t even bother asking why….blech. the interesting part is that while i was planning to have them removed (turns out you are only supposed to keep them in 10 years) i did a lot of reading and lots of fibromyalgia is linked to unnatural physical things like implants. since they’ve been out, about 2 months now, my symptoms are different and of less intensity. i hear it takes time for the body to readjust to not fighting this physical intruder, so i have time on my side! i even heard that the ANA blood test sometimes goes back to normal! so i am here to “testify” that the painful removal procedure was worth it, my body is changing and feeling better overall and if you are interested in my little “experiment” i will keep you informed – nice to meet you, mary

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