I hate the weather

The humidity is 92% right now.  It’ll stay in the 90% range up to 100% today and into tomorrow.  It’s foggy and cloudy right now but I can feel the thunderstorms coming.  The pressure is starting to press in on my skull and my headache is already getting worse. We had a break in the weather last week and it felt like fall.  It was great.  I got spoiled by it.  Now, the humidity and pressure are back and thunderstorms are on the way.  I hate thunderstorms.  I used to love them before they made me feel like my skull was going to implode.  I wish I could’ve stayed home today, snuggled in bed with my dog.  He’s feeling much better.  The muscle relaxers and pain meds make him feel like he’s cured.  He is probably mostly healed by now as it wasn’t a bad injury, but he still needs to stay calm for at a minimum of 3 or 4 days more.  He wanted to play fetch last night so he’s not understanding the concept of staying calm.  I wish I were at home in bed so I could sleep through some of this humidity and pressure.  But I don’t have much sick time after my 11 week leave.  I have to save my hours off for when I really need them.

So Mother Nature, you and I will not be friends today.  Maybe I’ll like you again by Wednesday after these storms pass.  We’ll see…

Blue Ridge Mountains in Fog

7 thoughts on “I hate the weather

  1. Sherri says:

    Wow! When I read your post, I thought “I’m having the exact same pain in my head (and in the rest of this body) and the storms are coming. I wonder if she’s close by”. As it turns out, I’m about 1 hour south of you, in Woodstock. This is my first time on this site and its bringing me comfort reading about the clothes hurting and jumping through hoops to sleep….you have given me some helpful hints. Thanks! Sometimes I feel my nerve endings sizzle…sounds weird but its the only way that I can describe it. Wondering if anyone Fibro suffers can relate.

    I pray the next few days of weather in this area won’t hurt much more.

    • painfighter says:

      Yeah, I’m in Salem, VA. It’s cool that we live so close to each other. I have not enjoyed the weather today but it’s nowhere near as bad as 2 weeks ago. I think that was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced with my fibro, which is saying something because a 5 on the pain scale is a good day for me. I am glad you found some of my suggestions helpful. Blogging is therapeutic for me and writing about positive things and tricks to manage the pain helps me stay positive and focused, which makes the pain a bit better.

      I hope this weather passes quickly. I saw tomorrow is supposed to be 95% humidity all day in my area. I’m not looking forward to it either. But I made it through today so I will make it through tomorrow. That is what we do. We keep on truckin’ as I say sometimes.

  2. ddLynn says:

    Huh, we are closer than I thought! I live just outside of Roanoke…near Blue Ridge. (although I’m sitting in NC as I write) I felt a storm coming in down here the other night about a half hour before it hit. Felt like a bus crushing my bones. Blog on…I know it’s helped me as well. Also wanted to let you know that you may get some new visitors via my blogs. (hopefully) Your blog post on hope a few weeks back really hit home and got me thinking. Thanks for all you do to remind us that we are not facing this alone! It has helped me to see the reality of what life can be when we are not afraid to face what we are really up against. Wishing you sunny, mild and pain~free days.

    • painfighter says:

      That’s too cool that we live so close to each other. I live in Salem but work in downtown Roanoke. If you’re ever in the area, give me a shout. Maybe the stars will align so that both of us have good days on the same day and are up to a visit. I had a great, sunny day today. It was one of my better days and I’ve made the most of it. Thanks for your well wishes and your kind words. I enjoy blogging. It helps me stay positive and focused. I’m so glad my words help others. Connecting with others in similar situations on mine has helped me feel so much less isolated in the last couple of months. It’s been great!

  3. ddLynn says:

    I, too, had a pretty decent day today. However, I didn’t do much and was sitting with a heating pad on my back most of the day. 😉 I would be great to meet ya. I actually come into Roanoke upon occasion. We are really only about 15 mins from downtown. (when traffic is good) I recognized the mountains in your photo, so was wondering if you worked down there. Small world!!! Of all the blogs out there and we find each other right in each other’s back yard!! We love to hit the shops in downtown Salem once in awhile. And our favorite place to window shop is Blackdog Salvage in Roanoke. Have you ever been there? Keep bloggin….

    • painfighter says:

      I work in the Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia) tower. That’s why you recognized the mountains in my photo. I work on the 16 floor and have a great view of Mill Mountain from up here. I can see Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital too. I wonder what the odds are of us finding each other online and living so close to each other. They have to be high. I love living in Salem. My favorite shop is Charlotte’s Web antique store. I like wandering around and looking at all the things in there. Much of the furniture in my house has come from there too. I’ve been to Blackdog Salvage. It’s really cool. I used to live close to there. We lived off Main St, Roanoke, near the Grandin Road area until we moved back to Salem a couple of years ago.

      • ddLynn says:

        I thought it might have been taken from the WF tower!! Charlotte’s Web is one of my favs too!! Haven’t been there since Christmas time last year though. My big find that visit was a set of Mercury glass candle holders that the owner was surprised to see they had . lol They were sort of tucked away in a box on a bottom shelf. I guess they were meant to be mine. 🙂 Once in awhile hubby and I just hit all the antique shops in the area. Just wish my pocket book could afford the great things I find. Salem is such a cool town. I love strolling the downtown shops. Yes, so cool that we bumped into each other amongst these gazillions of bloggers to find we are neighbors that may have never met otherwise.

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