Articles on Chronic Pain

Here are a couple of articles on chronic pain that I found to be very interesting.  Thanks to Living! for connecting me to them.  I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

A World of Hurt

I found this article to be both interesting and insightful.  I especially liked the history of pain — from Adam & Eve to today.  It talks about the knowledge gap between current research on pain and doctors’ knowledge and views on pain.  I bet every one of us has had the incident described in here of telling a doctor how much pain your in only to have him say you shouldn’t be in pain, and not believe you.  I might have to buy the book discussed in the this article.  It sounds interesting.

Healing Words

This article talks about the impact blogging has made on chronic pain sufferers.  A lot of us turn to the Internet to help us connect with others who know what we’re going through, which helps us feel less isolated.  This article talks about how some researchers are now encouraging their patients to blog or read blogs to help them feel less isolated.  I know I’ve found that to be the case.  It also talks about blogging being the most honest expression of pain available.  Patients often don’t get past the one to 10 ranking of pain in their discussions with their doctors.  Sometimes the doctors don’t believe them.  Sometimes either or both have trouble communicating on this topic.  I know I have a hard to describing my pain to my loved ones and friends.  I hate using the same words day after day to describe my pain.  Blogging gives me some freedom from that, I’ve found.

One thought on “Articles on Chronic Pain

  1. Journaling Pain says:

    Great articles! Thanks for sharing them.

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