Thankful Thursdays – Week 2 – Change

I’m doing my Thankful Thursdays writing challenge a bit different today.  I wanted to share this poem with you that Fibrozine was nice enough to post.

In my life many people have come and gone.
Most were treasures, if for a short time.
With season’s changing, or wind’s blowing, or distance growing
Many have faded as I drifted away
Change seems to happen to me a lot
It’s hard to stay in one place long.
Seasons change, wind calls, some where else beckons
With new journeys to explore.
One thing is steady for me however,
The joy that having friends like you
Has brought to my shore.
Nothing can take that away.
In my treasure chest reside a few so sweet
Who remain steady friends
No matter how often we meet
I think that will happen with me and you.
We now face change, but friendship remains
May bravery bolster your trek
May sorrow forget to follow
May the treasure of change bless you, my friend.
~Graystar Garibay-2009
I am thankful for my husband, who has stood by me through everything that fibromyalgia and all my problems before that grew into fibromyalgia.  He has been my rock through all of this. He went with me to my first acupuncture appointment and sat with me the whole session because I was afraid of the needles.  He studied up and grilled my doctor and anesthetist when I had to have a cyst removed from my wrist.  They both said they’d never been asked such good questions by patients or family members! He’s a nurse and he’s always asking the doctors he works with for recommendations about my latest batch of symptoms.   He only made fun of me a little bit when I had to have braces for the second time. Having braces in your late 20s is even less fun than as a teenager!  He cooks for me, cleans the house, puts gas in my car when I’m too tired, shops for groceries, and anything else that needs to be done.  No wonder he always feels tired and like he never has time to work on his hobby projects.  I take up a lot of his free time.  I couldn’t have made it though the last few years of chronic pain, especially the last year and a half when I was at my worst.  He is one of the main reasons I stay positive and keep fighting the pain every single day.  I fight for a better life for us.  We have been dealt a bad hand with my chronic (and invisible) illness, but we’re trying to make the best of it.  I hope we can achieve the “treasure of change” as this poem describes.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – Week 2 – Change

  1. My husband has been my rock too.thank you for adding to thankful Thursday! Great post!

  2. Journaling Pain says:

    Wow. We are blessed. My husband cooks and cleans for me as well. He has been such a blessing through this whole trial and I thank God for him every day. To our loving, wonderful, and caring husbands…HEAR HEAR!.

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