Doing the Best I Can

Sometimes I have trouble remembering this. I want to function to my standards before the onset of chronic pain, but that’s just not possible anymore. These are wise words that we need to keep reminding ourselves of.  We have to be kind to ourselves. We face a lot of challenges with fibromyalgia and all we can do is our best.

5 thoughts on “Doing the Best I Can

  1. chiquitar says:

    Having trouble with this one today. =-)

  2. ddLynn says:

    This is hitting the nail on the head today. Just hard to have others wonder what we are “up to” when we don’t have the energy to up to doing anything. I’ve accomplished nothing today. Hoping for less pain and fatigue tomorrow so I can complete just a few small tasks. Until then, there is lots of “me” time in today’s moments.

  3. chronicrants says:

    It’s so easy to forget this when I think of myself, even though I say something like this to others all the time. It’s time to write this down and put it up on my wall! Thanks for the reminder!

    • painfighter says:

      This is a good reminder for me as well. I have a note that just says “Breathe” taped to my computer monitor at work. Otherwise I sometimes forget to breathe and get too stressed.

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