Fibro Symptom Tracker

Fibro Symptom Tracker.

Check this out. There’s an app called “Manage My Pain” that can help us track our symptoms.  You can even run reports on the app and send it to people. Maybe it will help us track the good days and bad days and our triggers.

Read the agreement/conditions text carefully though. I got the Lite version since it’s free, but it talks about the app creator using our data as “aggregate data” to track how the app is working. I assume that is more like which features to we use and how often are they used. It also says if you send the reports to people, they may capture your info as well as any names/emails of who you send it to. I don’t know what they’d do with it, but read it carefully and decide if that’s okay by you. I agreed because I wanted to play with the app and see if it’s helpful to me. I’ve been thinking of late that I need to keep a symptom journal, but I’m always bad about remembering to do daily entries.  I think I am more likely to keep up with it daily in an electronic format I can use on my phone and hopefully on my Kindle Fire too.  I don’t think I’ll be sending anyone reports since they may capture that data though. I just wanted to warn everyone of that buried fine print.

I’m going to play with this app and will update you on what I think of it.

Here’s more detailed info on the app:

5 thoughts on “Fibro Symptom Tracker

  1. Went to the ap on puter can’t find where to download it any suggestions pls 🙂

  2. Journaling Pain says:

    Cool. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.

  3. chiquitar says:

    Cool! I would also like to hear what you think after trying it a while. Would it work for other chronic pain folks too, or is it very fibro-specific?

  4. Cool. Of course, I need one more thing to do. LOL!

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