Go Away Fibro Fog

I’m struggling to think today.  The fibro fog is really heavy today. I’m at work and trying to concentrate because I have a deadline to meet today and I really don’t feel up to working late.  Why must our brains and senses feel so foggy when our bodies are already wracked with pain?  I didn’t sleep much last night. Why must we have so many problems with sleep when our bodies crave rest? Fibromyalgia is tough. I fight through the fog and the pain every day. I stay positive. But sometimes the fibro fog wants to take over. I wish I didn’t have to work today and could’ve put on one of my favorite movies — one of the ones I’ve watched so many times I know by heart — and just zoned out. But, alas, I’m at work and I have a deadline to meet that is fast approaching. I must push through the fog and the pain and get this package out today so I can go rest this afternoon after work. I hope the fog clears soon. It’s a beautiful day outside and I long to enjoy it.

Go away fibro fog!

5 thoughts on “Go Away Fibro Fog

  1. Anne Miller says:

    This could be my day, word for word. I am at work – pushing through – I had deadlines, but wanted to be home on the couch in my sweats. Having a really hard time staying positive this week. Very down. Thanks for your post!

    • painfighter says:

      Hang in there! I’m home now and am taking it easy. I’m very foggy still but was able to push through and meet my deadline. I feel drained from it and am going to take it easy tonight. I put my pjs back on as soon as I got home! If I could work in pajamas, I would! Feel better. Soft hugs 🙂

  2. chronicrants says:

    I hope you were able to enjoy the nice weather a little bit! Good luck!

  3. ddLynn says:

    It was a very beautiful today and I hope you at least had a brief time to enjoy it to rejuvenate yourself. I actually got outdoors to do some long needed chores, however, I may have over~extended myself. Much rest will be required tomorrow for me, I believe. I hope tomorrow is clearer for you. It is suppose to be a beautiful week!!!!

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