Morgan Freeman Interview

I stumbled upon this amazing article on Morgan Freeman and wanted to share it. I didn’t know that he has fibromyalgia due to a bad car accident 4 years ago. He can’t really use his left arm anymore and that’s where the pain is the worst for him. His outlook on life and fibromyalgia is just amazing. He’s a complex, contradictory person that we can learn a lot from. He’s a wise man living in pain just like us.

My favorite part of this article is:

“I’m very concerned about longevity. I don’t want to die because I’m stressing over bullshit. There’s lots of shit to do, so when I have a chance to do less, to do nothing, that’s what I do.” He says something else, low and guttural, and once again, I cannot hear him. He grabs his left arm, winces through what appears a supreme flash of pain.

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2 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman Interview

  1. ddLynn says:

    What a great interview! Thanks for sharing. JFK had myofascial pain syndrome, thus also dealt with chronic pain. Interesting to find that these people deal with it, however, I wish I had the ease of trying alternative and extensive means of finding pain relief as they did/do. (ie ~ not worrying about the costs of it!) I, too, loved that sentiment he shared. Although, I must admit I often feel guilty when I do (or can’t do) nothing.

  2. Dumon Coleman Johnstown PA – Nice Article!

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