A Storm is Coming

A storm is coming. I can feel it. The weatherman said today was supposed to be perfect, not a cloud in the sky. He said rain wasn’t coming until late tomorrow night. Instead its been windy all day and cloudy for hours. I can feel its not just rain on the way but thunderstorms. I got a few days break from rain only to have storms on the way. My pain  rising the closer the weather comes. The weathermen have been wrong so many times the last few months, forget all their fancy doplar technology, they should just ask someone with fibromyalgia what weather is on the way!

I did manage a walk with the dog this afternoon. That helped with the pain for a bit at least and I enjoyed all the flowers in bloom.



2 thoughts on “A Storm is Coming

  1. mary says:

    I completely understand this. I am the same! Do you follow an anti inflammatory diet to help manage pain? It helps me a lot. I cannot believe the difference it has made for me.

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